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Tulum’s greatest attraction are its beautiful, white-sand beaches of the pristine Caribbean Sea. 12 km of coastline connect the historic Mayan ruins in the north to the untouched Biosphere Reserve of Sian Kan in the south.

Caribbean Beach
Enjoy the best beaches in Tulum


Tulum is famous worldwide for the beauty of its Mayan ruins. Over 3 million people come every year to visit the historic archaeological site, which overlooks the beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

The connecting city is known by two Maya names – Tulum (Maya for ‘Wall’) and sometimes locally as Zamá (Maya for Dawn).

Archaeological research has shown that Tulum was an important Mayan center of worship for the ‘Descending God’.

Inscriptions have been found that date as far back as 564, but most of the structures still visible today were built in the Mayan post-classic period, between 1200-1450.

Mayan Ruins in Tulum


Surrounded by native species of flora and fauna. A beautiful environment to behold and, above all, cherish. The dreamlike paradise that is – The Arthouse.

Aldea Zama is the best place to stay in Tulum


Downtown Tulum – a shining example of a Mexican village, where tourists mingle with locals and there is something for everyone.

Hotels, restaurants, bars, gift shops, crafts and much more.

There is nothing like a stroll through Tulum to experience Mexico’s unique culture and gastronomy. Get to know the different bars of the hotel zone with a relaxed, authentic atmosphere.

Near to best boutiques in Tulum


Everything happens in the Tulum hotel zone, housing exclusive hotels, beach clubs and the best shopping in the region, including exquisite restaurants by the sea and in the jungle.

Arthouse Favorites:

– Posada Margherita

Italian Restaurant and Arthouse Beach Club. Posada Margherita is our favorite spot in Tulum, and that’s why we chose it as Arthouse Beach Club. There, our guests will have a privileged and free access to the restaurant and solarium next to the Caribbean Sea (subject to availability and with previous reservation in high season), along with beach towels as courtesy, that will be delivered in the shop of Posada Margherita only mentioning, to the host, that you are visiting as a guest of Arthouse. In Posada Margherita, for 17 years, the same exact menu has been served, with few dishes of excellence. Our favorites are: Pasta of two colors with Gamberi e Zucchini, Acqua Pazza Fish (cooked with sea water) with rice and vegetables, and the specials of Seared Tuna and Lobster, when they are available according to the season. Also, there you can enjoy a very good breakfast (before 11 am), and a dinner by candlelight and next to the sound of the sea (not later than 9:30 pm. Posada Margherita do not take reservations.)

– Caravana Montecristo | Boutique.

– Nao Sushi

– Campanella | Heladería

– Cenote Dos Ojos


Tulum is fast becoming a top destination for high quality nightlife, hosting international DJs and headliners every night.

Every month during the Full Moon, thousands of people flock to Tulum’s most famous party – Papaya Playa.

For the rest of the month, Arthouse favourites are Gitano and Casa Jaguar.

Few minutes away from the best bars in Tulum
Best tips to enjoy Tulum

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