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Our suggestions

Our suggestions

While we are in the process of designing, producing and giving shape to the gastronomic experience that Arthouse Tulum Resort will soon offer to out guests, investors and visitors, every day we are asked for our opinions and suggestions about where to visit, eat, discover, shop and have fun in Tulum.

(The pictures on this article have been taken from plates that our chefs, Pavel e Isa, prepare as a part of the Chef at Home experience, available in the present time, as an exclusive Arthouse Tulum Resort creation).

Here is a list of restaurants and options in Tulum, and our opinion about each one. None of us have any economic interest in any of the suggested places, or inconveniences with any of the places that we don’t mention or don’t remember. The opinions we write here, are the product of our personal experiences, and are detailed with utmost sincerity and humility. The places we’ve decided not to mention are places that we don’t know or places that we believe are not worthwhile, again, in our humble opinion.

  • Posada Margherita (Hotel Boutique and Restaurant):
    It is, without a doubt, our favorite place in Tulum. That’s why, also, we have selected it as our Beach Club. For 18 years, Alejandro and Federico have been producing, cooking and serving the same exact menu. For 18 years, they have had the same team, while they add new jewels from time to time. In Posada Margherita they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our favorites are, for breakfast, any kind of omelette (served with salad, toasts with guacamole and beans, and a little side of baked potatoes). For lunch, we usually pick the Gamberi Zucchini pasta, prepared with tomatoes, zucchinis and piñones, and of course big shrimps, or the Aqua Pazza, their fish cooked with sea water, served with rice and salad. For the dinner they serve the same menu, but sometimes they have specials: Lobster, brought directly from the Caribbean sea in the afternoon, or Seared Tuna, with is amazing. They have a very good wine list, with specials and rarities, they have a very good bar, and the ambient is always great.
    At night, it is usually full, and as they don’t receive reservations, there is a waiting line that some nights stretches to an hour. We believe the waiting is worthwhile. Oh, and their Tiramisu and their Pistachio ice-cream are amazing, by the way.
  • Mezzanine.
    We consider Mezzanine a very good choice in Tulum to have lunch or dinner, if you like asian food. The place is located to the Ruins side of the sea, next to the public beach, and the restaurant is elevated over the sea, so it has a beautiful view, and the plates are very well presented and served. At night it is very romantic, and it is always quiet, without too much people or noise. We always order the vegetarian Pad Thai, and sometimes we add shrimps to it.
  • Casa Jaguar.
    We believe that Casa Jaguar is one of the nicest restaurants in Tulum. It’s located in the street next to the beach, on the way to Sian Ka’an. It is very well decorated, they have great music, and the food is very good. It’s not our favorite place, but we don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we love Posada Margherita so much, they make us feel so at home, that we don’t have eyes for any other place…
    On Thursday nights they have a space on the rear for dancing and dance music, where there is an improvised disco, with a lot of nice people there.
  • Kin-Toh.
    Located inside Azulik Hotel Tulum, next to Papaya Playa Tulum Resort, in the road next to the sea.
    Part of our heart is there, in Kin-Toh, which we consider it is one of the most special places we know in the world. The architecture is really extraordinary and equal to none, and we are convinced that a trip to Tulum without visiting Kin-Toh, would miss a very important part of it and would be a waist.
    We believe that the best shot would be to arrive there at sunset time, to enjoy a glass of wine or a drink, and share some small plates to enjoy the view and the peace on top of the trees in the middle of the jungle.
  • Chacabar.
    We mention this place because it’s located inside Aldea Zama and within two minutes walk from Arthouse, and it’s a very comfortable alternative to get rid of the need to eat in any given time. We recommend the pizzas. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they are open from Wednesday to Monday. The service, in general, is very slow.
  • La Colifata.
    Also located within two minutes walk from Arthouse, it offers argentinian food almost every day at night. We like their pizza very much, and the argentinian empanadas. We love (but we seldom order it because we want to stay fit) their “panqueque de dulce de leche”. They have a very good wine list, and the service is always dedicate and efficient, and warm.
  • Ki-Bok Cafe.
    Ki-Bok is a very small place that we consider the best coffee shop in Tulum. It’s located in the pueblo, on Centauro Sur, between Andrómeda Oriente and Tulum Avenue, very close to Aldea Zamá.
    We knew it as a coffee bar, on the street, but it also has tables inside and a garden on the rear. The owners are a family that we like very much.
  • Los Aguachiles.
    It’s a very good place to eat mexican food in the pueblo, located in Tulum Avenue, almost at the end of the pueblo, on the way to Muyil. Tacos are great, tuna toasts exquisite, and all the plates we tried are very good, in general. As all the places in the pueblo, their prices are very affordable, which is an additional advantage.
  • Campanella Cremerie.
    Excellent ice creams, in the pueblo, located in Tulum Avenue between North Acuario and North Júpiter.
    Although they produce it only once in a while, their pistaccio ice cream is one of the best we’ve tried.
  • Panna y Chocolate.
    This tiny cremerie is located in Tulum Avenue between South Orion and South Centauro. Our favorite is the pistachio stick, which we order every time we pass close to them. They also serve Nespresso coffee in take-away cups.
  • La Gloria de don Pepe.
    This spanish restaurant, small and unpretentious in its architecture or decoration, is also located in the pueblo, in the corner of South Orion and Orient Andrómeda.
    They serve a potatoe tortilla that is small but very good, and a seafood paella that is amazing, to share between two or three people. We go there for dinner at least once a week. Don Pepe himself serves the tables, and he is very kind and dedicated to his restaurant.
  • La Barracuda.
    Also located in the pueblo, in Tulum Avenue and North Luna. We love their sea parrillada, that they serve in a huge tray to share between two or three people.

We believe that service is not the main concern of the owners of Tulum Restaurants. In general, we feel that the service is the same in most of the places, so we especially appreciate the good service when we get it. The food, in town, is simple and tasteful, and in general, one can enjoy great tacos (fish, shrimp, octopus) at a very low price.

Other places that we briefly mention are: Mi Amor (Hotel Boutique and Restaurant) for breakfast or lunch; Gitano, for drinks and great music (well decorated, we don’t recommend the food); El Milagrito or La Malquerida, in the same block as Ki-Bok, to eat tacos or mexican food, La Querida (same block’s corner) for pizzas, and Batey, the most famous bar in Tulum, for drinks and live music.

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