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The arrival of Lev Khesin

The arrival of Lev Khesin

One of the main projects of Arthouse Tulum Boutique Hotel is the Residency for Artists. Each month artists arrive -most of them painters-, from different corners of the world, to be inspired and create masterpieces in the Arthouse Workshop.

After the visits from Nacho Chincoya, Linda Männel and Doze Green, in April we’ve received Lev Khesin, born in Russia but now living in Berlin, with his family.

Since the airline has lost his luggage with his materials, Lev started working anyway in Posada Margherita (Hotel Boutique), Arthouse’s Beach Club, representing the major pyramid of Chichen Itzá with the sand (he visited it with his wife and daughter the day before), with the help of his two young assistants.


Lev Khesin works with layers of materials, under the premise that “the mean IS the message”. After each layer he applies on the board (canvas or else), he analyzes the results, and the next step is the direct and inevitable consequence of the logic of the means and its expression (and of course also of the tools he uses). Lev says: “I allow the results of my experiments with materials to surprise me, while I manipulate them without knowing in advance how the techniques will react and behave. Most of my pieces are not “paintings” in the traditional sense of the word. On the contrary, I allow them to “grow” in the course of many layers. Although my “paintings” have a formal construction and are not representations of objects or phenomenons of the exterior world, their construction is only slightly related to the structure of minerals or crystals. This organization is more evident in the borders of the paintings. The final result is anecdotic. It varies a lot, depending on how the materials are applied and superposed, from the simplest minimalism to the baroque opulence, from visual sobriety to optic agression. This work investigates the relationship that exists between the artist, the materials, the tools and the time that goes by between the conception and the finished work.

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