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Doze Green

Doze Green

Doze Green was born in 1964 in New York City and has recently settled in Morovis, Puerto Rico. His artistic expression began by tagging New York subway cars as a teenager and by exploring new ways of dancing. He is an original B-Boy member of the pioneering breakdancing group called Rock Steady Crew.
Being at the core of these two emerging artistic disciplines, exhibits Doze’s curious and creative nature. He is the true embodiment of a free-spirited being that studies the human soul, our irrationality and our magic. The transition from graffiti to studio work and mural commissions arrived quickly in his career as his contemporaries could easily spot how Doze stood out as a legendary figure of the hip hop culture.

Doze’s work is a portal to our world’s spirituality and poses metaphysical questions about the nature of narrative, the physics of time and the possibility of immortality. He calls them ‘biological entities, a swarm of arrows coming in from infinite perspective.’ His style is a mid-point between figurative and stylized forms which bring Greek, Mayan and other beliefs into his canvases, murals and most recently, into sculptures. An artist at permanent play and discovery, Doze never hesitates to question today’s problems in society and politics. His oeuvre displays an extensive palette in style interested in a deep cosmological research.

As his work suggests, the universe really does align life events and people in the most beautiful way. About two years ago, I picked up Doze Green from the Charles de Gaulle airport to take him to the gallery that would host his biggest solo show yet in Paris. I spotted him and his companion through the large glass division between the luggage pick up and the exit. We could see each other but not hear one another and so we mimed a ‘nice to meet you’ ritual as this was indeed the first time we ever saw each other. I sat across them, still divided by the glass wall and instantly felt the ‘good vibes’ that Doze evoked; a cheerful man in his early 50s wearing a grey poncho and high spiky ponytails. This adventure was definitely going to be the highlight of my stagiaire experience in Paris.

Today I have the honor of selecting the artists that will live in Arthouse for a month and begin their story in the Tulum community. Working again with Doze was inevitable and he of course was, one of the first artists that came into my mind when building up the AIR program for 2017. When confronting his artwork, a reflection on universal spirituality takes over the viewer. His approach to art aligns with Arthouse’s philosophy and mission; a space to heal and bring loose pieces back together. Hosting Doze for the month of March is already proving to be an unforgettable venture for us and the opportunitylands at a crucial time in Doze’s personal life.

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