Arthouse Tulum I Discover Arthouse a Unique Boutique Art Hotel

Discover Arthouse

Welcome to Arthouse.

Arthouse is a project of Art & Wellness Residences in the middle of Tulum’s Tropical Jungle.
We welcome guests who are looking to rest and reconnect, offering a space for relax and inspiration.

(To those who seek for parties and events, we kindly suggest to search for accommodation in places dedicated to such activities).

The Project.

Arthouse is a project where 4 buildings live together, including 28 residences (from 132 to 323 square-meters, each one with its own private pool), within a village inside the tropical jungle of Tulum. It has its own Natural Reservoire, a Gallery for Contemporary Art, a Library, an hydrotherapy pool in the jungle, and a Residency for Artists.

New Project in Tulum
Unique project in Tulum

We, the family of Arthouse, believe that all journeys should be only one-way: the person who comes back should never be the same person who left.

But for that to actually happen, each trip should be filled with experiences, not only visits and excursions. Beauty should be incorporated and inhabited, not only seen and photographed. Impacts shouldn’t be just ephimeral explosions of awe; they should pierce through our hearts, and stay there to live.

Only then, trips can become unforgettable. Only then, the visited places can become our new homes, and the people we’ve met can become our new friends, to which we will always want to return.

Relax and be Inspired in Tulum


In Arthouse we offer very comfortable beds, designer armchairs and private pools in each apartment, and free bicycles to ride in a couple of minutes to the Caribbean Sea, the charming town of Tulum, the Archaeological Zone or the Biological Reserve of Sian Ka’an. We offer completely equipped kitchens, latest technology air conditioning units and a Wi-Fi connection of the best quality and fastest speed.

But, above all, we offer humanity.

Humanity in Tulum
Values of Arthouse Tulum

An integration experience.

We have an attentive gaze, a ready awareness to give and serve -in the true meaning of both words-, our hands outstreched and our smiles to the skin. Not because we feel obligued to, but because we enjoy what we do and we are happy to share it.

We have traveled, learned, analized and made our decision.

We wish to give and serve to an experience like those we all know should exist everywhere, but is -unfortunately- almost impossible to find. An experience of encounter, of interaction and learning, creativity and common sense, of excelence without rigidity, of maximum efforts and thoroughness without obsesive attachment to results.

Private pool in Tulum
Unique views of Tulum

An experience of compromise and surrender, honesty and transparency, good education and, above all, good will. An experience of integrity, and embrace.

We are on our way. We already have a lot to give, and we are working in a lot more to come.

We invite you to know us and join us.


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