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Artist in Residence Program

Artist in Residence Program

As a unique place amidst the Riviera Maya, at Arthouse we create a community interlaced by creative inspiration, nature and the good living. We are an amalgam between a condo hotel, artist in residence program and exhibition space. This residential jewel provokes integral experiences amidst the Mayan jungle, equidistant from the Caribbean ocean, from downtown and from the archeological zone of Tulum. With the premise to encourage the creation of the arts and with the desire to support the cultural activity in Tulum, Arthouse offers its amenities, meals, an apartment and a working studio to today’s most prominent and promising artists.


Supporting the contemporary art scene

‘Hundreds of years ago, the main metropolises such as Paris, London and New York have been predominant incubators for the contemporary western art and culture. Within these cities, new ideological and artistic expressions were developed with which we cohabitate in our daily lives in Mexico. Before the modern era, in the Yucatan peninsula and during the post-classic Maya period, Tulum was an epicenter for astronomy and religious studies; leaving its legacy in ceramic, murals and architecture. Tulum, an abandoned city after the Spanish conquest, gets inhabited again by the free-spirited travelers during the 1970’s decade.

The constant flux of the international visitors and the new settlers, grant Tulum an invaluable cultural exchange. Today’s curious globe trotter, is attracted by the energy and magic that this city named Zamá in antiquity radiates. In Mayan language, Zamá means sunrise and it is today more than ever that Tulum goes back into its cultural genesis: a city in full artistic development.

The intention behind the artist-in-residence program is to focus in generating a cultural activity that acts as a contemporary art catalyzer in the Yucatan peninsula. Arthouse Tulum is a wonderful opportunity to create an atypical arena between exhibition space, creation and diffusion center. A place that evokes the historical Colombe D’Or during the early 20th century at Saint-Paul-de-Vince, France but with the synergy of the 21st century contemporary art scene.

The interest in hosting guests of honor is to bring force and experienced dialogue into the Tulum art scene. In lock step, our program includes the participation of emerging artists with the premise to create a mixt dialogue within contemporary art. ArtHouse Tulum, offers its generous amenities and its studio space as an incubator of artistic creation. Its auditorium (due December 2017) runs a parallel program to host art talks in support to the artwork created within its premises and other artistic initiatives and collaborations in the area.’ -Miret Rodriguez, Director| Artist-in-Residency Program.


A program without borders

To fulfill our commitment of bringing force into the artistic activity of the Yucatan Peninsula, our artist selection holds no barriers. We will be hosting guests of honor who can act as a reference for the emerging artists that we will be also inviting. We follow a detailed and thorough selection of stablished artists and we have an ‘eye’ for choosing promising artists to boost their career.

Additionally, our multidisciplinary program features, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and performance alike. We promote diverse styles and artistic movements such as urban, digital and conceptual. With the premise to avoid barriers and artistic discrimination.

Overall, the main and most important goal of our program, is to offer optimal conditions to give place to a complete liberty of expression and creation for our artists. Arthouse Tulum, promises a beautiful adventure within the contemporary art scene.

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