Arthouse Beach Club

Arthouse Beach Club

An exclusive experience in relaxation, hydration and nutrition.


Strategically located at Villa las Estrellas hotel, one of the biggest beach spaces in Tulum, Arthouse Beach Club offers a unique beach day experience alongside the always turquoise and always serene Caribbean Sea.

A completely new international menu, inspired by mayan cuisine, with 100% fresh and homemade dishes and ingredients, and plenty of vegan options. A new and avant-garde cocktail menu, designed by Martín Olivera, which integrates flavor with hydration, for the hot and humid weather in the Riviera Maya. An excellence oriented service philosophy and a permanently renewed look & feel, with special perks for Arthouse’s guests.


Vegan omelette, with chickpea flour and almond cheese.

Green papaya and brown rice salad.




The experience at Arthouse Beach Club is permanently renewed.

The Wine Menu has been curated, with a selection of labels from around the world, carefully hand picked to make any palate fall in love with them.


And, very soon, there will be live international shows to make the beach day, and night, at Arthouse Beach Club, completely irresistible.

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