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Arthouse was born of an idea, narrated by Jorge Luis Borges in his story “El Aleph”, which gave title to the author’s most famous storybook. The Aleph states that there are some places In the world, very difficult to find, in which you can contemplate all things, experience all the emotions, remember everything that has been forgotten, To unite the past with the present and the future, in a single moment. The Aleph has been the first book to be part of the Arthouse Library, and the complex tries to provide emotions Very varied, inspiring, delightful, in a single experience, including the experience of literature, for owners as well as for guests and visitors.

Approximately 2000 books, carefully selected, from classic and contemporary authors, in stories such as Cuentos, Novelas, History, Art in general, Painting, Culture, Magical arts, among others, compose the literary collection of Arthouse, which will be available on loan, free of charge, for guests during their stay.

The complete catalog of the library, permanently updated, is also available in the Arthouse Book.

Boutique Hotel in Tulum


(December 2017)

In the Arthouse theater, an artistic proposal will be developed throughout the year. The room, with capacity for 100 spectators comfortably seated, is designed especially so that each person can enjoy any show from any location with the same quality of vision and hearing.

The state-of-the-art technical equipment has been chosen to provide the highest quality possible, similar to that offered in the best shows in the world.

Norberto Jansenson, the resident artist of Arthouse and in charge of theater programming, illusionist and storyteller with more than 30 years of experience and success in a great quantity of countries, will present two completely different shows, with functions in Spanish and functions in English separately, to satisfy the demand of Spanish speaking publics And English. Jansenson will also select the rest of the programming according to the highest artistic standards in the world, summoning artists of different nationalities to present music shows and varieties for all types of public.

The shows and shows that will be presented at the Arthouse Theater will be chosen respecting a unified criterion with the rest of the experiences that the complex offers. Thirty-five years of experience traveling around the world to see and study contemporary stage art, as well as the study of classical stage art throughout history, Will have as a consequence a unique and varied entertainment proposal of names perhaps not known, but of an extraordinary artistic quality, that will provoke all type of emotions to the audiences of the room.

The theater, designed by Arthouse, will in itself be a work of art, whose visit will be required for any visitor, in the same way as for any traveler who passes by the Riviera Maya

Hotel Pool in Tulum


(December 2018)

ArtHouse offers, in the same place, a recreational swimming pool, for that guests who wish to socialize or do some basic physical exercise in the water, can live in the same space.
The pool area will have a solarium with ergonomic chairs, and a space where you can enjoy food and drinks prepared in the exclusive bar-restaurant.


(December 2018)

Arthouse offers an international restaurant, with interior and exterior locations, with a menu suitable for balanced catering and nutrition.

Our chefs design seasonally a menu based mostly on macrobiotic food (the highest quality balanced nutrition possible in each dish), with inspiration in Mexican food and influenced by Mayan culture and the jungle and the sea of ​​Tulum.

The menu of each season is enough varied so that each guest can order different and balanced dishes every day during their stay. Simple dishes for the day and elaborate dishes and menus of steps and pairing for the night.

Pavel and Isa, the executive chefs, are both of Mexican nationality, with more than years of experience in catering, and work together with the Arthouse creative team to make the food menu unique and unique..

The chefs at Arthouse have been specially chosen to make our restaurant’s menu, mainly, nutritious for the body.

Made with organic ingredients whenever possible, combined in a balanced and harmonious way, with top quality ingredients and prioritizing the quality of the nutrients in addition to the combination of flavors and the aesthetics of the presentation. The menu aims to provide food to people from all over the world, so that Mexican inspiration is only a starting point, and not an end in itself, for an exquisite and restorative dining experience.


(December 2018)

The Arthouse Bar is carefully designed to fulfill two main functions: hydration in the space of the solarium and pool during the day, and rejuvenation at night. The menu of the bar will have three different proposals, all based on the same philosophy: a menu of classic cocktails with brushstrokes by the author, a menu of exclusive drinks based on the international cocktails inspired by the Mayan culture, the jungle and the sea. Tulum, and a tailor-made menu that each client can design with professional advice and with their own name, in a list of cocktails that will grow as each visitor designs their own cocktail. Martín Olivera, the executive bartender responsible for the design of the cocktail menu and training of bartenders, is Argentine, is Ambassador of the brands Absolut and Tía María, consultant of the group Pernod Ricard (owner of the brands Chivas Regal, Chivas Brothers, Champagne Mumm and Graffigna wineries, among others), and has more than 15 years of experience in cocktails.

Ingredients of the highest quality, exclusive combinations, respect for the sacred experience of the toast and the encounter, the “waters of life” as they have been called alcoholic beverages throughout history, aim to produce a healing effect on the body, Although the purpose of the visit to the bar is in principle recreational. Along with the friendly, enjoyable and fun experience of the toast and meeting at the bar, our goal is multiple and goes well beyond superficial well-being.


(December 2018)

Arthouse offers a Spa service, whose products will be elaborated in the Botica of Arthouse, to satisfy the needs and desires of each person that requests its services.

Creams and products made for each client, by specialists in dermatology / cosmetology / body therapies. The products made for each customer will then be available to be purchased personally or ordered from anywhere in the world and sent by mail.

Best Wine Cellar in Tulum


(December 2018)

The Arthouse Underground Cava will serve three main purposes:

1) It will offer to the guests and diners of the restaurant a wine list of the world, cured by specialists of Arthouse, to buy by bottle or to enjoy during the dinner in each residence or in the restaurant. The labels that will make up the Arthouse wine menu will be a combination of provenance, exclusivity, quality, variety, and very special stories, in what we hope will be a proposal for all palates and budgets.

2) It will offer the owners of the residences and their guests a storage space for their own wines.

3) It will offer an exclusive space for private events, celebrations with guests, food pairings, wine tastings, product presentations and special events.


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