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Organic Garden

Organic Garden

Those who take part in the Arthouse team, wish to provide out guests the most fulfilling stay possible.

We like to say that architecture, the physical space for rest and renovation to which we have dedicated so much creativity, work and effort, is just the starting point for the experience of true enjoyment.

That is the reason why we run an integral and integrating project, in which we invite our visitors to take advantage of the many stimuli available in Arthouse, like the Library, the Botanical Garden and the permanent Contemporary Art Gallery, among many others to come.

Our biologist, Domingo Cahuich Caamal, along with his team, collaborates with us to give life to our organic garden, cultivating there herbs and spices that will supply the kitchen of our restaurant (available from December 2018).

Meanwhile, we hand picked some samples to share with our guests. In this case, we have selected some chive leaves (ciboulette), one of the aromatic herbs with a similar taste to the white onion, but in a smaller size and without nutrition properties, that is almost only used for decoration and finishing dishes.

The chive prefers the sun and humidity to live at ease, and finds its ideal place to grow in our Botanical Garden. And one of its most desirable features, in our opinion, is that little animals don’t choose it as food in this jungle.

Soon we will offer our guests more products from our organic garden.


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